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What is the difference between 1-step bottle blowing machine and 2-step bottle blowing machine?

The main difference between a 1-step (single-stage) and a 2-step (two-stage) PET bottle blow molding machine lies in how the preforms, which eventually become the bottles, are produced and processed. Here’s a comparison of the two methods:

  1. 1-Step (Single-Stage) Bottle Blowing Machine:
    • Integrated Process: In the 1-step process, the entire production cycle, from the production of preforms to the final bottle blowing, is completed in a single machine.
    • Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM): This process combines the injection molding of preforms and the stretch blow molding of bottles in a single machine.
    • Continuous Process: The preforms are molded, conditioned, and then immediately stretched and blown into bottles in the same machine without an intermediate storage or cooling step.
    • Faster and Compact: The 1-step process is generally faster because it eliminates the need for a separate preform production step and the transfer of preforms to another machine.
  2. 2-Step (Two-Stage) Bottle Blowing Machine:
    • Separate Steps: In the 2-step process, preform production and bottle blowing are two distinct steps carried out in separate machines.
    • Injection Molding Machine: A dedicated injection molding machine is used to produce preforms in the first step. These preforms are then cooled and stored for future use.
    • Blow Molding Machine: In the second step, a PET bottle blow molding machine is used to heat, stretch, and blow the preforms into the final bottle shape.
    • Flexibility and Storage: The 2-step process allows for greater flexibility in scheduling and storage, as preforms can be produced and stored independently of the bottle blowing process.


  • Efficiency: 1-step machines are generally more efficient in terms of speed and energy consumption since the entire process is integrated.
  • Flexibility: 2-step machines offer more flexibility in managing production schedules and inventory due to the separate preform production step.
  • Space Requirement: 1-step machines may require less floor space as they combine both processes in a single unit.
  • Tooling and Mold Cost: Tooling and mold costs can vary between the two methods.

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