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What is the 2-Steps PET bottle blow molding machine

Here’s a breakdown of each step:

  1. Preform Production:
    • In the first step, a separate machine known as an injection molding machine is used to produce preforms.
    • The injection molding machine melts PET resin and injects it into a preform mold. The mold is shaped like a test tube with a screw thread, resembling the neck of the final bottle.
    • The result is a tube-shaped preform with a thickened bottom and a threaded neck. These preforms are then cooled and collected for the next stage.
  2. Bottle Blow Molding:
    • In the second step, the preforms are transferred to a PET bottle blow molding machine.
    • The preforms are heated to a specific temperature to make them malleable.
    • The machine uses a stretch blow molding process, where the preform is stretched lengthwise and then blown into the shape of the final bottle using high-pressure air.
    • After the bottle takes its final shape, it is cooled to set the plastic, and any excess material is trimmed off.
    • The finished bottles are ejected from the mold for further processing or packaging.

The 2-step PET bottle blow molding process allows for greater flexibility in production. Preforms can be produced and stored for future use, allowing bottle production to be more efficiently controlled and scheduled. This method is commonly used for high-volume production of PET bottles in various sizes and shapes, especially in the beverage industry.

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