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The surface technology and maintenance of PET bottle mold

  1. Mold production surface modification technology uses plasma, laser, electron beam, high-density solar energy and other methods to inject ions to obtain surface modification.
  2. Surface coating technology It refers to the use of various means of surface engineering to prepare coatings with various special functions on the surface of products. Using a very small amount of material can cause a large amount of expensive overall materials to achieve or be difficult to achieve. It plays an important role and at the same time greatly reduces the processing and manufacturing costs of parts. The main feature of this technology is its strong applicability. Its methods include thermal spraying, electric spark coating, plastic powder coating, vacuum evaporation, sputter coating, ion plating, chemical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, and ion beam. Synthetic thin mold technology, etc.
  3. Composite surface technology uses two or more surface treatment methods on the same workpiece. It can not only bring into play the respective characteristics of various surface treatment technologies, but also show the outstanding effect of combined use. The main applications in mold production include composite surface chemical treatment, composite strengthening treatment of surface heat treatment and surface chemical heat treatment, composite processing process of heat treatment and surface deformation strengthening, composite processing process of plating layer and heat treatment, composite treatment process of covering layer and surface metallurgy Process, ion-assisted coating, laser, electron beam composite vapor deposition and composite coating, as well as ion implantation and vapor deposition composite surface modification.


First of all, we must pay attention to the surface maintenance of the bottle blower mold, that is, appearance maintenance. The appearance of the mold cannot be damaged, that is, it cannot be allowed to corrode. If the appearance is affected, it will also have a great impact on the quality of the product, so Maintenance of the appearance of the mold is necessary.

Secondly, the injection mold for the PET bottle blowing machines must be cleaned regularly to ensure the hygiene of the mold. For product production, clean and hygienic molds produce better products, and this will not allow the mold to be contaminated. The last step is to test the parts of the mold to see if there is any malfunction in the mold. This is to avoid the impact of mold malfunction on product production. Therefore, if these aspects of maintenance are done well, the injection mold will be better. to carry out product production work.

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