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Structures of The Bottle Blow Molding Machines

  1. Base Structure: Start with a rectangular base representing the machine’s foundation. This is where all the components will be mounted.
  2. Conveyor Belt: Draw a conveyor belt running along the length of the machine. This is where preforms or molds will be placed for the bottle-making process.
  3. Preform Feeding System: On one side of the conveyor, draw a hopper or a mechanism for feeding preforms into the machine. You can represent preforms as small cylindrical shapes.
  4. Heating Unit: Show a section of the machine where the preforms are heated. Represent this with a series of infrared or heat symbols. This is the stage where the preforms become malleable for molding.
  5. Molding Section: Draw the molds or shaping units above the conveyor belt where the heated preforms are blown into the shape of bottles. You can show the molds in an open position with arrows indicating the blowing process.
  6. Cooling System: After molding, include a cooling system to solidify the newly formed bottles. Use symbols like water droplets or fans to represent cooling.
  7. Quality Control: Add a section for quality control where the bottles are inspected. You can show a sensor or a person inspecting the bottles for defects.
  8. Bottle Ejection: Illustrate an area where the finished bottles are automatically ejected from the machine onto another part of the conveyor or a collection area.
  9. Control Panel: Place a control panel with buttons and indicators to show that the machine can be monitored and controlled.
  10. Labeling (Optional): If the machine includes a labeling unit, draw a section where labels are applied to the bottles. This can be represented by a roll of labels and a mechanism for sticking them onto the bottles.

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